Victor Ginzburg

Victor Ginzburg


Victor Ginzburg has been living and working in Boston since 1989. All these years he’s been photographing this city. His work is a kaleidoscopic maze of enchanting characters, surreal street scenes, twisted reflections. The main subject that he is trying to capture is a fleeting emotion. He’s always anxious to communicate his sense of wonder and love to the gracious characters he captures.

Victor’s photographs explore his favorite subjects and themes: children, architectural details, feminine grace, lonely landscapes, often mixed together and enriching each other in his intensely personal vision of Boston.

For many years Victor has been growing his unique and extensive collection of antique photographs, view postcards, and engravings with the views of Old Europe. Victor has held several exhibitions featuring his travel and Boston photos, and selected items from his collection.

In his professional life Victor develops methods for computer protection of digital images and other media.