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My Russian Diary @ LiveJournal
My public diary (Russian). Feel free to leave comments, just put your name in it (if you do not have LJ user ID).

Emir Shabashvili Photography

My photos @ Pbase
My galleries at Pbase. Places are mostly Miami, Florida, USA, and Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia. This is my main photo site, please take a look.


My page on Filckr.com
My flickr page, started it as a backup to pbase and it has gotten the life of it's own


Miami Street Photographer on PhotoShelter.com
Site where I sell prints/license my photos.


Miami Street Photographer: English blog
My English blog, mostly photography.


Miami Street Photographer on Facebook
My photo portfolio on the Facebook


Homepage on Bards.ru
Lagest russian bard's server. My songs, poetry, CDs -- all in Russian.

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